Priestess Training with Graell

Connect to the Goddess in the Land, your Heart, and dancing Body

Priestesses, I call you forth! Join me and Connect to the Goddess in the Land, Camp with me! Raise the Veils Within, arrive to your Heart, to your Soul Family, Connect, Link, Unify, Glorify, Root, Reach, Blossom, Awaken, Live & Thrive!


 " Graell brings the deep wild roots of connection to Goddess through the land and our bodies, and knows how to express the Beauty of the Divine in movement, stillness and action. Her workshops are transformative, empowering, positive, healing and beautiful! 

~Katinka Soetens, Priestess of Avalon, Glastonbury, England


 Heartsong Magick, Barefoot Mastery, Enchantment...


Calling all Maidens, Lovers, Mothers, Queens and Crones!

 Calling all Bridgers, Guardians, Priests, and Knights of the Goddess!


This EXPANDED HEART training

is profoundly improvisational,

as well as deeply rooted in Celtic and Earth based Spirituality




Learn Practical Magick: Lead Ceremony, Commune & Merge with the Elements, Transmute, Transform, Rebirth, Reborn, Awaken your Gratitude, Authenticity, Personal & Global Respect, Creative Empowerment, and

ignite your

Soul's Mission


Divine Timing:

Journey in Person 

Weekend Immersions

or Online


Commences with optional Graell Tour to Avalon and Goddess Conference of

Glastonbury, England 


*Graell Tour, Goddess Conference, Food, Transportation, and Lodging not included*


Loving Locations: The Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon and the Community Room at the WellSprings Mineral Baths Spa, and Mount Shasta, California with Her Forests & Waters


Info Connector: Graell

fb Graell Corsini

541-601-8983 text best 

Have you Heard the call of Priestess? Were you born a Knight?


Are you open to spin and weave a new heart tapestry of living?


Inviting Newcomers to the Goddess Path whom resonate with

sound vibrations:

Dragon Line Flying, Celtic Lineage Lore, Galactic Elvyn Faery Tribe...

 Nine to Thirteen Willing Heart Spaces Available for

Weekend Immersions


Swim into your Soul Stream with Inspiration Navigator, Graell:

Earth Priestess and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Founder of The Flying Lotus Community Activation Center and Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta, International Workshop Presenter and Ritual Theatre Performer, Ceremonial Choreographer, Birth Attendant, 

Goddess Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Pixie Folk Dance Guide, and

Author of "Raising a Goddess Temple" ~

a "how to" resource book on building your own Goddess Temple!


Life Altering Investment Choices:


$333 per

Weekend Immersion



Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living

includes Graell's two other amazing resources of information, "Raising a Goddess Temple" and "Goddess Sadhana", plus empowering affirmations and Shakti Up Womb Wellness.

All you need to have your own personal training, s'Elf directed, or share it to include friends to grow with you

A 3 Moon Curriculum  





*Lodging, Food, and Total Transportation Not Included 

*all donations are non-refundable and will go into a

scholarship fund


"Of all the Priestess Trainings I have looked into, Graell's is truly the first that has melted into and imbued my heart core with the deepest most transcendent knowing and radiant goddess love force!" -Makia, Priestess of the Grail, Maryland, USA


Personal Comfort Tools to Bring:

*Beautiful Green and Blue Clothing you have collected specifically for these Bridger Gathering

*Sacred Items for the temporary Altars we shall co-create


*Craft Supplies

*Healthy Drinks/Snacks to share

*Personal Cup/Bowl/Spoon

*Appropriate Hiking Boots, Outdoor Gear


Walk in your Grace, Trust in your Heart, and

Arrive at your Future Self...



Graell's 22 years of Priestessing thru: Mothering, Pilgrimage to World Sacred Sites, Intuitive Consultation Sessions, Sacred Dance, Ceremony, Ritual Theatre, Birth and Death Attendance, as well as Visionary & Project Developer, and Directorship of two Goddess Temples, has created the Sacred Foundation of this Priestess Training.



Graell has raised Temples at:

Mt. Shasta, Ca 

Ashland, Or

Cornwall, UK

Rome, Italy

and is planning to open 111 in the next 11 years

Please invite her to your area to give a Presentation on how you can raise one within your Sphere of Living! 


Trust, Journey, Connect, and Thrive

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"The Oak Moon...she whom embodies the lunar cycle, the creative process of birth and expansion as well as transmigration, regeneration, and rebirth....the word Druid translates to Oak Seer, as all knowledge and wisdom resides within the roots and belly of the Oak. Symbolizing strength, endurance, and fertility, the last leaf of the Oak never falls." 

-Sirona Knight


Graell of the Maiden, Cup of the Lover, 

Chalice of the Mother, Cauldron of the Crone...

the Priestess Crescent holds your Waters, 

the Trunk of the Oak roots you Strong, 

your Leaves spread across Her Landscape, 

Heart SiStars Gather to Sing Her Song!

Knights of the Round Table, Sword of the Lover,

Shield of the Father, Cave of the Elder...

the Knight's Light holds the Fires,

the Trunk of the Oak roots you Strong,

your Leaves spread across Her Landscape,

Heart Brothers Gather to Sing OUR Song! 


"Graell is wonderfully knowledgeable about Glastonbury lore, but more than that, she has a deep connection to the mystical aspects of the place. I had a profound initiatory experience with her there in Summer 2010 that has basically transformed my life and deepened my spiritual path in surprising, delightful, and profound ways. Travel with Graell and you will experience 

the magic that is Avalon." 

-Marguerite Rigogliosa, Ph.D, author, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, Virgin Mother Goddessess of Antiquity 


*Lodging, Food, and Total